CS1 Game Engine

CS1 Game Engine

version 0.7.22


🍎 Provide the JavaScript community with a fast track to high performance 3D VR multiplayer games installable on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). The resultant games are compatible with many popular VR HMD and controller systems such as the Oculus Quest.

🍎 Provide students and teachers with an accompanying introductory level curriculum covering computer programming, computer networks, and application asset design.

Getting Started Video

Video Overview

Introductory Presentation

Tech Demo

🍎 Log into the tech demo with username: computer or science and password: 1234.

🍎 Keyboard Interface:


🍎 Based upon A-Frame version 0.9.

🍎 Using navigation mesh based pathfinding.

🍎 Enables easy use of shaders created with Shader Frog.

🍎 JS, CSS, and JSON bundling, minification, and uglifying with Rollup.

🍎 Installable as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

🍎 Stats visualization system including:

🍎 Collectibiles System

🍎 Items can be declared grabbable, therefore movable by players.

🍎 grabbable items can be launched with the launchable component.

🍎 BGM System (named exports)

🍎 Player Component

🍎 Particles Component

🍎 Cloud Component

🍎 NPC Component

🍎 Dotrow Component

🍎 Database

🍎 IoT Component

CS1 Global Object Namespace

🍎 CS1.scene

🍎 CS1.myPlayer

🍎 CS1.otherPlayers

🍎 CS1.utils

🍎 CS1.cam

🍎 CS1.collectibles

🍎 CS1.grabbables

🍎 CS1.stats

🍎 CS1.say

🍎 CS1.sounds

🍎 CS1.shaderfrog 🐸

🍎 CS1.npc

🍎 CS1.game

🍎 CS1.db


database iconDatabase API


iot iconIoT API


πŸ›£οΈRoad to v1.0.0


MIT License logoCopyright (c) 2019 Eric Eisaman


🍎 Please post any issues to GitHub.


πŸ™ Big thanks to all the fine people who contributed to the underlying technologies!